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Read the Manual with Rules & Regulations carefully!

What is JGEC Winter of Code?

JWoC (JGEC Winter of Code) is an Open Source event organised annually by JGEC which helps students to plunge into Open Source contribution and get the realm of Software Development.

The main idea is to get students involved in and familiar with the open source community. There will be various projects available in Github, and you have to contribute in any of the projects. Each project will be assigned to a mentor who will be there to guide you in any stage.

The program is designed in such a similar way to GSoC (One of the Most Prestigious Open Source Program) to give you a taste of it, and to drive away the fear of participating in it.

Goals of the Program

  • Encourage young developers to participate in Open Source Development.
  • Help them to get more familiarized with the Open Source World and using Git & Github.
  • Give students more exposure to Software Development.
  • Guide them how to work in a team and inspire them to take part in more Open Source programs.

Rules & Regulations

You must follow the rules and regulations!
  • The Community Bonding period is given for all to interact with the mentors to understand the projects and issues. Mentees are not allowed to opt for any issues during this period. Any necessary help regarding the tech stack or tutorials are to be provided by the respective Project Mentors.
  • Issues will be allotted on a First-Come-First-Serve basis and are applicable only when they are opted through GitHub. You can start working on an issue only after it has been assigned to you by the Mentor.
  • Mentees are allowed to work only for a maximum of 2 issues at a time across all projects. No more issues will be allotted before they are completed, i.e the Pull Request for the respective issue is successfully merged.
  • Each issue needs to be completed within a specific time limit according to its difficulty level (Easy: 1 day, Medium: 2-3 days and Hard: 4 days). If a mentee is unable to solve the allotted issue within the given period, the issue will be passed to other contenders on the discretion of the Mentor.
  • We encourage you to ask your doubts and seek community help in the respective project channels. Our motive is to promote a healthy competitive and learning atmosphere with the help of our event.
  • Any form of misconduct by the Mentees will not be tolerated. Any mentee who is seen resorting to unethical behaviour or breaking the code of conduct will be disqualified from the event on the discretion of the organizers.
  • Respect and patience are the base requirements for you all to gain the best outcome from JGEC Winter of Code.

Scoring Criteria

Different scoring points rules.
  • For Phase 1: Easy - 1 Point Medium - 3 Points Hard - 5 Points
  • For Phase 2: Easy - 2 Point Medium - 4 Points Hard - 8 Points
  • A single mentee can be allotted a maximum of 3 issues at a time to solve.
  • Only mentors have the right to give points to the mentees on the successful merge of the pull request for the respective issue, as soon as it is solved.

Why should you apply?

At first, make it clear that it is less about competing and more about learning. So if you are ready to learn about software development and open source you must participate. And even if you are already a developer then you will also be able to grow your skills with direct contribution.

The experience of solving an issue and the joy of getting your pr merged will be amazing and unique as well.

Building your network is one of the most important parts of learning, during this period you will interact and share ideas with your mentor and team mates which you help you to grow in your career.

If you love coding and feel passionate about making some cool projects then it will be the right choice for you.



Just fill the mentee's form to register as a mentee in our website jwoc.tech.

Contact Us

For any queries, reach out to us at admin@jwoc.tech.


In case of any inconsistencies and issues, the decision made by the organising committee would be final.

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