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Mentor Manual

Read the Manual with Rules & Regulations carefully!

What is JWoC?

Hello there! Feeling too old to be a student in JGEC Winter of Code? No problem, you fit in here too! JWoC is about helping students make their first PR (probably) on GitHub, and also gaining the confidence which is required in the future while doing open source.

Goals of the Program

As a mentor, you must know that the major goal of the program is to help new students to understand the paradigm of Open Source contribution and increase their expertise level on Git and GitHub.

Rules & Regulations

You must follow the rules and regulations!
  • Prepare a clear and beginner-friendly explanation for the project you are mentoring and add a properly documented README file to your project repo. The details of the project objective and Tech-stack should be clearly mentioned.
  • On the creation of the respective project channels on discord, all the necessary documentation and learning resources for contribution must be shared. Please ensure that the important links and messages are to be pinned to the channel.
  • Add the JWOC tag to all your issues on GitHub. Please use labels with a proper color scheme to differentiate the issues based on their difficulty level and tech-stack/problem tag.
  • Issues need to be assigned on a First-Come-First-Serve basis and are applicable only when they are opted through GitHub.
  • Each issue needs to be completed within a specific time limit according to its difficulty level (Easy: 1 day, Medium: 2-3 days and Hard: 4 days). If a mentee is unable to solve the allotted issue within the given period, the issue needs to be passed to other contenders on the discretion of the mentor.
  • A mark sheet needs to be maintained by all mentors to tabulate the scores of each participant and needs to be submitted at the end of both Phase 1 and Phase 2.
  • The projects with a comparatively lesser contribution or popularity after Phase 1 are to be given a shoutout at the beginning of Phase 2. Any change in contribution rules will be notified by the organizers in due time.
  • Project Mentors who will be consistently inactive during the 1st Phase will be barred from moving into the 2nd Phase.
  • Any doubts regarding the event or the contribution life-cycle need to be informed to the organizers at the earliest. Any form of misconduct by the Mentors will not be tolerated. Mentors are also requested to report any incident when the Mentees resort to unethical behaviour or are seen breaking the code of conduct.

Scoring Criteria

Different scoring points rules.
  • For Phase 1: Easy - 1 Point Medium - 3 Points Hard - 5 Points
  • For Phase 2: Easy - 2 Point Medium - 4 Points Hard - 8 Points
  • A single mentee can be allotted a maximum of 3 issues at a time to solve.
  • The mentor must have at least one Easy, one Medium and one Hard issue on their project repository before the commencement of the program.
  • Only mentors have the right to give points to the mentees on the successful merge of the pull request for the respective issue, as soon as it is solved.


There are 3 main criteria to be a mentor in JWoC:
  • You must have one or more projects on GitHub with merge access. The project can range from any domain i.e. web or app to something more complex like blockchain and machine learning to a full-fledged Operating System itself.
  • Your project(s) should have more than 3 easy-to-fix & at least 2 moderate level issues.
  • Your project(s) should be approved by JWoC Organizers.

Why should you apply?

Boost Your Project

Do you have a project which you had started months ago and now you don't find time to add new features to it or fix small issues? You must apply.

For the students, it's about the contributions. And for you, it's about keeping your project alive. Do you have an idea in your mind about a small or big utility and want to make it real in December Vacations? You must apply too.

You'll have to lay down the groundwork and side-wise can teach a bunch of students about it too.


Participate in JWoC as a mentor and receive certificates, swags, stickers and more!



Just fill the mentor's form to register as a mentor in our website jwoc.tech.

Contact Us

For any queries, reach out to us at admin@jwoc.tech.


In case of any inconsistencies and issues, the decision made by the organising committee would be final.

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